Few things are more important than keeping bullying out of our schools. Finding the right anti-bullying assembly helps ensure our students learn how to spot and avoid bullying behavior.  But not every assembly out there is successful, and studies have shown many programs have mixed results1. So here are some tips on what to look for in an anti-bullying assembly so your kids will take its message to heart with a laser-like focus:

-Make it Interactive: Kids learn by doing, so a presentation that involves them directly with games and kinematics will have the best impact.

–Keep it Positive: It’s too easy for a heavy-handed presentation to turn off students who feel they are being lectured at.  But a positive, uplifting show that highlights the benefits of good behavior will draw them in.

–Make it Memorable: Children are barraged with messages and media every day, so you need an edge to be able to stand out.  An assembly that is just someone talking at the front of the room risks getting lost in the crowd. Find a unique program that delivers its message in a special way.

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