Celebrating Black History Month in schools can be one of the more rewarding events of the academic year.  It’s important for children, especially at the elementary and middle school grades, to be exposed to Black History Month events.  Learning about the historical giants, from George Washington Carver to Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King, Jr, and their accomplishments, help students engage in the world around them and realize that those brave pioneers still shape our world today.

But it can be difficult for a PTA or PTO to find an appropriate assembly—one that appeals to every student and is unifying, not divisive or controversial.  And positive Black History Month Tributes can be one of the most challenging educational assemblies to find.

At Prismatic Magic, we’ve use our experiences at thousands of school all across the country to hone a program that emphasizes the positive aspirational lessons of that history.  Our Black History Laser Tribute highlights the vast contributions of African-American to all culture groups throughout American history. And your students experience an uplifting and inspiring school assembly that fosters shared history among all groups.

If you have any questions, or ideas to make our program even better, please reach out to us.  Let us know what you think!