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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a show?2018-08-08T22:17:35-04:00

Just call us at (866) 952-7376 or send us an email by clicking on contact us. If we don’t pick up, it means we’re on the other line. So just leave a message and we’ll get right back to you.

What are the age-ranges for your school shows?2018-08-08T22:23:18-04:00

We tailor every program to the age of the audience. In this way, most school programs are tailored to serve any group from PK – 8th grade (except Laser Reader, which serves PK – 5th grade)

What show do you recommend for a first-time school?2018-08-08T22:19:16-04:00

Every program is guaranteed to be a home run. But if it helps, most first time schools tend to choose American Pride, the Laser Team Anti-bullying Program, or the Science Spectacular I. And since the majority of schools that have us once have us back year after year once they see what this is all about, schools tend to work through the rest of the programs in due time.

Is a deposit required?2018-08-08T22:19:29-04:00

No deposit is required for school programs. Private and corporate shows might require a deposit because these programs require significant up-front custom work.

When/where are you available?2018-08-08T22:19:47-04:00

We are available seven days a week, day and night, year round. We perform laser programs throughout all lower 48 states from eight bases of operation: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Wayne, NJ.

How far in advance should I book a show?2018-08-08T22:20:09-04:00

As soon as you’re ready. We pretty much sell-out every year, so the earlier you contact us, the better the selection of available dates that you’ll have. However we can try to accommodate you with as little as two weeks notice.

How much do the programs cost?2018-08-15T13:35:51-04:00

In general, the fee for a 40-minute school program is $799. The fee for a 60-minute school program is $999. For show by show pricing information, click on the program name below. Additional same-day screenings are just $250 more per screening regardless of whether the program length is 40 or 60 minutes.

What is the cost for multiple shows?2018-08-08T22:26:08-04:00

Each additional same-day, same-location screening of any of our programs is just an additional $250 per screening.

Are there extra fees (for travel)?2018-08-08T22:21:09-04:00

Not usually. The only exception is if we’re making a special, long distance trip just for your event.

When do I pay?2018-08-08T22:26:02-04:00

Payment is due in full at the show unless other arrangements (such as a PO or BOCES) have been made in advance.

Does your show have a high risk of causing seizures?2018-08-08T22:21:50-04:00

No. Over the last decade, over five million people have experienced one of our laser programs, and to our knowledge, not one seizure has occurred during a program. This includes several thousand autistic and epileptic children that we visit each year. We’re not surprised because our laser programs do NOT involve known high-risk stimuli, such as rapidly-flashing strobe effects.

Is there a fire hazard?2018-08-08T22:22:02-04:00

No. There is no flame used during our programs, nor are the lasers used in any way that could result in an open flame.

What is the maximum size of the audience?2018-08-08T22:22:19-04:00

There is no maximum size, as long as the safe occupancy limit of the room is not exceeded. That said, all things being equal, 200 – 250 tends to be an ideal audience size.

How much time do you need between shows?2018-08-08T22:22:28-04:00

It only takes us about five minutes in between shows. So plan your schedule as needed, and don’t worry about us.

How long does it take to set-up / breakdown?2018-08-08T22:22:37-04:00

We like to have an hour to set up and forty-five minutes to break-down.

What do we need to provide the day of the show?2018-08-08T22:23:36-04:00

We only require two things: electricity and darkness. As long as it’s not complete daylight, our lasers can outshine the ambient light. However, the darker the better, so anything that can be done to cover windows is well worth it.

Can you do the show outdoors?2018-08-08T22:24:53-04:00

Yes. However, an outdoor show is considered a custom show. Therefore it almost always has a higher fee than if it were held indoors.

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